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1: New year, new imprinting

published10 months ago
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Happy Monday,

and welcome in my new newsletter.

First of all, thank you very much for your support and for your time.

This email is my first email of new newsletter project, where I would explain you how I am going to do in next year.

If you are not confident with english, and you are not more interested to follow them, please don't put my email in the spam, but use the link in footer to Unsubscribe.

Second point, if you decide to unsubscribe from this newsletter, you are not automatically unsubscribed from the podcast newsletter.

The podcast newsletter remains with same imprinting and same topics of last year.

Where were we? The scope of this newsletter.

I decided to change the language of this newsletter to extend the contents for other people not confident with Italian and to have the opportunity to write in english. This will be like a writing exercise for me, with double benefits.

The new format of newsletter is very crazy.

I would speak, like in the past newsletter, about a specific topic in terms of blockchain, crypto and security, privacy, self educational, business, personal growth and some times personal finance too.

The personal finance will be in the Podcast (substack newsletter) for the moment.

The second part of this newsletter will report:

  • 5 relevant news in the world about topics above
  • Suggestions about paper, books or video available on Internet.

The newsletter will be bi-weekly for the moment, and you will receive it on Monday.

Just for Italian people, my podcast continues its program starting by this month.

I believe that for this update that's it!

See you in two weeks.

Have a nice week!

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