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2: Put your passwords in safe

published10 months ago
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Happy Monday,

This week I will talk about security and how to protect your passwords.

Where do you store your password?

This is an important topic to avoid a big problem: use the same password for every service.

Imagine this situation:

You have 3 houses in 3 different places. To get access in these 3 houses you use the same lock with the same key. What happens if you lose the key? And what happens if you have the key in your bag, with your documents, so a clear reference of your home address?

It could be a big problem, because you should quickly replace the locks of each house to be safe.

Having the same password for each service, is the same.

The password is like the key.

The services, like amazon account, bank account, or your email account, is like your house.

In addition, the security level of each service is not the same. Some service providers could have a security infrastructure less secure than others.

Pay attention to your password, where do you use it, what you use and where you store them.

For this type of problem, a password manager could be useful.

The password manager is a software that stores and protects your passwords.

It is like a database, where user and password could be safely stored.

Not only!

You can store secure notes too, like the PIN of your phone, your credit card, and of the safe-box, or where you hide your cash :)

To access your password database you need a master password.

The master password is the most important password to access your database, it should be strong enough to be impossible to discover.

How to choose a strong password? Very easy!

Choose a simple master password.

Enter in your Password Manager

Ask your password manager a generation of strong passwords.

Replace your simple password with your strong password.

Remember this password!

It is the exclusive method to recover your database.

A very strong password should have at least:

  • letter in capital letters
  • letter in lower letters
  • numbers
  • special characters
  • not words of complete meaning (random letters).

In particular for the last point, the letters should have meaning just for you.
But what password manager do you suggest?

An open source one, there are many!

For the moment avoid the hacked one, like LastPass.
I could suggest keepass, or macpass. This password manager is an offline tool that creates a file where your password database is stored and it is possible to access after a master password.

Recently I have been using Bitwarden.

Bitwarden is an open source application, very secure.

Why I use this?

Because it provides you the possibility to have a 2 Authentication factor with an external crypto key with just 10$ per year.

Wait! Wait! What are you saying?

In the next letter about security I am going to go deeply into this topic.

Stay tuned!

If you are interested in Bitwarden, how to install and how to use it, youtube is a good channel to learn more about.

So, before leaving, remember:

  1. Remember a unique strong password, that have a meaning for you
  2. Use a password manager for the rest.
  3. Avoid the Browser password manager please!

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See you next week.